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Creating Memorable Moments at Paultons Park

Monday 4th August 2014 - General

Local mummy & author of the My Life My Love Blog Ali, reveals her fondest memories of Paultons and why Water Kingdom is a welcome treat for the little ones in this special guest post.

"A family theme park in the New Forest, Paultons Park has and still is a firm favourite with our family. I remember spending my 8th birthday party at Paultons. I was allowed to take 4 friends and have cherished memories of us photographed on the attractions and having our picnic lunch. Having enjoyed the wonders of Paultons Park as a child, I now enjoy it as a parent. The sheer mention of it makes our children’s faces light up. The cheers that are heard and the hugs that are given when we tell them we are spending the day at Paultons are priceless.

Water Kingdom at Paultons Park - Ali Simpson Fondest Memories 2

We visited on Sunday. The kids were inevitably up early, fully dressed without being asked and too excited to want to sit down to eat breakfast! There was a serene air of calmness amongst the kids as they were so eager to get out of the door that they were each helping us to pack the car so that we could make a quick getaway and be there as the doors to the park were opening at 10am.

Our family consists of 4 boys who are 10, 7, and 3 years of age and our baby daughter who is 6 months. What we love most about Paultons Park is that it really can be enjoyed by the entire family. With Peppa Pig World our 3 year old was in his element but because he was just under  the 1metre mark, we spent a large proportion of our day in the main Paultons Park as many of the rides have an over 90cm height restriction. This was the first time that Harley was tall enough to enjoy the main rides.

The two attractions that the boys talked and talked about in the car all of the way home was firstly The Dragon Ride. To ride the fiery dragon, children have to be over 90cm tall and be aged 6 or over to ride alone. Children under 6 years of age must ride with an adult and be sat on the inside seat. Each car seats 2 people. The Dragon Ride is essentially a wavy roundabout but until you actually ride the Dragon, you cannot fully appreciate the pace of it. I was quite surprised by its speed and it goes without saying that all of our children loved how fast it went. Just when you think the ride is over, it does it all over again, backwards! This was a firm family favourite and was a ride that we kept going back to.

Unanimously, the Water Kingdom Splashpark was our fondest memory of the day. We were blessed with gorgeous weather so the Water Kingdom , full of water fountains, canons, jets and sprays was a very welcome treat. The splashpark is large enough to cater for the range of children using it, from children who were just walking to approximately 10 years old. In the centre of the splashpark is a large barrel perched on top of a tall pillar, many children would gather under the barrel eagerly waiting for the barrel to release its water load, creating a fantastically, powerful  water shower. Approximately 3m in diameter, lots of children could stand under the shower and enjoy the force of the water. It was lovely to watch the barrel release its load and to see children from the other side of the splashpark dash over to catch the waterfall before the barrel emptied.

Water Kingdom at Paultons Park - Ali Simpson Fondest Memories 3

There are 3 large palm trees spread around the splashpark. 2 of the palm trees spray out water from their leaves and the other has 3 coconuts which fill up with water. When the coconuts are full, they wobble and tip the water out onto an eagerly waiting child below. It was fun to guess which coconut would tip up first. There is also a big anchor which releases water from 3 points and a tall yellow flower with a wobbly stem which sprays out a rotation of water from the top of the flower.

Water Kingdom at Paultons Park - Ali Simpson Fondest Memories

Our boys loved running under the 3 rainbow arches whilst getting sprayed with water and they loved trying to catch the water from the 3 cannons which jet up from the ground reaching approximately 10ft high. Smaller children enjoyed standing on the mini fountains and hiding under the water mushrooms.

The splashpark is brilliantly located next to a play area and a shaded grassy area, perfect for parents to sit and watch their child. The park is clean, safe and secure with only one entrance/exit and contained by railings. Despite the sheer amount of water that must be pumped into the splashpark, I liked how the water effectively drained away so that the ground was free from large puddles and pools of water, meaning that children didn’t slip over when they were running. The ground is also made from a soft blue tarmac.

Water Kingdom at Paultons Park - Ali Simpson Fondest Memories 4

The Water kingdom is a welcome addition to Paultons Park. The water jets and fountains are intermittent so it was lovely to see and hear the giggles and sometimes screams as unsuspecting children got caught unawares by a surprise fountain from the ground or a waterfall from above. So if you are heading to Paultons Park for a fab, family, fun day, remember to bring your swimmers and towels! You wouldn’t want to miss out."

Our thanks to Ali for this super guest post on her fondest memories of Paultons Park. For more insightful tips and articles on family life visit:

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