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That Moment When They First See Peppa Pig World

Wednesday 20th August 2014 - General

It's a special moment when your little ones first arrive at Peppa Pig World theme park, seeing their faces light up as their cartoon heroes come to life is a magical time. In our latest guest blog post, Charly - mum and award winning photographer of the PODcast lifestyle and parenting blog shares with us her unique experience after a recent visit to the Park. 

"When we told Poppy (age 3.5) we were going to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park, she took a deep breath and squealed. Her excitement level reached fever pitch when she saw what was on offer. Poppy has been a huge fan of Peppa Pig and her friends for some time now so expectations were high. We’d heard great things about Peppa Pig World, we hoped it would live up to her imagination. 

The journey to Peppa Pig World took less than an hour, just as well given how much excitement there was in the car. POD announced she loved Peppa Pig World before we’d even set foot in Paulton’s Park.

Today was going to be a good day.

The walk from the entrance to Peppa Pig World is only a few minutes. Other than commenting it was “so cool”, Poppy was uncharacteristically quiet while she took in her surroundings.  Then she spotted Grandpa Pig outside his house. Arm outstretched (but still clutching her Little Peppa), she yelled “there’s Grandpa Pig”. She was so elated at that point, I thought she might actually burst with joy.

Arriving at Peppa Pig World, Mr Potoato's Adventure Playground and Wave Runner:

Her smile was so wide it spread across her whole face. She jumped up and down with glee when she spotted Peppa on the top of her Big Balloon Ride. “Look Mummy there’s Peppa…and George…and Daddy Pig…and Miss Rabbit”. With that she walked in zig-zags turning her head from right to left as she tried to take it all in.

Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter ride, Windy Castle Ride and Grandpa Pig’s Little Train:

Poppy waited excitedly towards Madam Gazelle’s School House. Once inside we had our photograph taken with the lady herself, Peppa, George and Suzy Sheep. She couldn’t get in Peppa Pig’s house fast enough and was thrilled to see all the family there. She would have joined them at the table if she could!

Peppa Pig’s House and her family, Madame Gazelle’s School House and Grandpa Pig:

Poppy eagerly awaited the arrival of Peppa and George - she loves George almost as much as Peppa. She wanted to say hello but also introduce Peppa to her ‘Little Peppa’. A snack was abandoned when she spotted Suzy Sheep near Peppa Pig’s Toy Shop. Having had a cuddle, she made a beeline for Zoe Zebra. Poppy was one happy three and a half year old!

Meeting Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep and Zoe Zebra:

The heavy rain arrived just as we sat down for lunch so we took the opportunity to perfect the art of being a fox, using the mask which came with our food.  It was then giant tortoises, muddy puddles and penguins before making a beeline for the Peppa Pig World rides.

Candy Cat, Humboldt penguins, giant tortoises - and food time!:

There are seven rides in Peppa Pig World all suitable for children under 1 metre. Poppy loves pretending to drive so first up was Daddy Pig’s Car Ride. She was thrilled to get the orange car as that was the one she’d picked out (not realising she couldn’t choose!). Heading round the track she was thrilled to get the chance to see more of her friends.

Daddy Pig’s Car Ride:

Poppy isn’t a fan of queueing (who is!), but she was good as gold at Peppa Pig World - even as the rain poured down while we waited to take on George’s Dinosaur Adventure. She saw it as an opportunity to look at Peppa Pig umbrellas, jump in muddy puddles and shout “din-o-saur” when one of them passed. She was over the moon to add Freddie Fox, Emily Elephant and Mrs Cow to the list of characters she’d already met. She loved that George said “din-o-saur” as she went round. 

George’s Dinosaur Adventure:

We’d already opted to purchase a few of the official photographs – the one of us all in Madame Gazelle’s School House being the favourite! Towards the end of the day though, we headed over to Peppa's Magic Photo Studio. There Poppy could have a photograph taken with it superimposed onto a background of her choice. As you can see by the wide-mouthed grin being in Daddy Pig’s car was a magical experience! 

At Peppa's Magic Photo Studio waiting to have a ride in Daddy Pig’s Car, Madame Gizelle’s School  House  and home time!:

Poppy was asleep almost as soon as she was strapped into her car seat. She was exhausted but she’d had an awesome time at Peppa Pig World – it was quite possibly the best day ever!"

Our thanks to Charly for her review and experiences of that first moment when they see Peppa Pig World. For more superb photography and insightful lifestyle and parenting articles visit:

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