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How to Say Dinosaur Names

Posted on February 1st 2016

Dinosaurs are amazing. They were some of the biggest and most powerful animals to ever walk the earth, and over 700 different species have been discovered to this day.

They stood on the same ground that we do now over 65 million years ago, but of course, the world they lived in was very, very different!

The problem is, because of the way that dinosaur names are created, they can be very, very tough to pronounce right. Palaeontologists (fossil hunters who discover dinosaurs) often squeeze ancient words from Greek and Latin together to come up with these long, unusual names. The Tyrannosaurus-rex, for example, is translated to “king of the tyrant lizards”.

So that you pronounce those tricky names perfectly, we’ve created this handy guide, explaining exactly how to talk about these ferocious animals.

  1. Pterosaur

How to say it:  Ter - o - sore

Tip: Ignore the silent “P” in this flying dinosaur’s name

Fun Fact: Strictly speaking, Pterosaurs weren’t dinosaurs, they were actually a type of flying reptile

  1. Triceratops

How to say it:  Tri - ser - a - tops

Fun Fact: The official name for Triceratops, “Triceratops Horridus” means three horned face. We can see why!

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex

How to say it: Tie – ran – o – sore – us – rex

Fun Fact: Scientists believe that the T. rex could have eaten up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite. That’s 2000 medium sized burgers!

  1. Velociraptor

How to say it: Vel – o – si – rap – tor

Fun Fact: Like ostriches and penguins alive today, velociraptors had feathers, but couldn’t fly.

  1. Brachiosaurus

How to say it: Brak – ee – u – sore – us

Fun Fact: Brachiosaurus was one of the biggest land animals ever. It weighed around 80 tonnes!

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