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Unusual Colourful Plants and Flowers

Friday 10th October 2014

We moored our boat in an inlet and camped overnight on the shores of this new land. The sunrise revealed the sheer beauty of our newly discovered isle. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls cascading from the cliffs above.

However, most striking is surely the fauna that surrounds us, huge colourful plants and flowers the likes of which I don’t think anybody (except maybe Aulani) has ever seen been. The was a huge mushroom-shaped rainbow coloured plant that must have been over 2 metres tall and some rather strange looking giant dandelion type flowers which, as strange as it sounds to say, looked as if they had cat-like faces in the middle of them! Another tall pod like plant had what seemed to be eyes peering through the flowers...

This really is a most curious land indeed! Tomorrow we are going to explore deeper inland towards the heart of the island.

Professor Blast

#crittercreek 2015

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Professor Blast

Name: Professor Stanley H Blast

Occupation: Full-time Scientist and inventor

Likes: Rollercoasters, bird watching, zoology and travel

Dislikes: Air resistance - it's a real drag

About: Growing up, Professor Blast has always enjoyed science and the outdoors. A keen backpacker, he spends most of his summers' abroad, exploring far off lands. A self-confessed theme park enthusiast, Professor Blast now works at Paultons Park, researching and inventing in his Learning Lab. His recent discovery of the Horned tree-mouse (which can be seen in the Lab) gained him wide-spread acclaim.

Name: Peter Petri

Occupation: Research assistant to Professor Blast

Likes: Horticulture, Quad biking and knitting

Dislikes: Gravity - it really gets him down

About: Peter Petri has always enjoyed the countryside and is a very keen gardener. Peter has worked alongside Professor Blast for a number of years, and has become an expert in the use of fire extinguishers (mainly thanks to the Professor's mistakes). During the summer, he looks after the Learning Lab whilst the Professor is on his fieldtrips.