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Aerial View Of Peppa Pig World

What is 3D Secure & how do I reset my cards password?

3D secure is a payment stage set up by your card issuer or bank to increase the level of security when purchasing online. If your card is registered for 3D secure, you will need to enter the characters of a memorable word that you have previously set up with your card issuer or bank. If you cannot remember this, would like to reset it or are having any other problems at the 3D secure payment stage you will need to contact your card issuer or bank by telephone. Alternatively you can try a different card to make the payment.

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Do you offer a disabled rate or carer discount?

As most of the rides and attractions at Paultons, including Peppa Pig World, are designed to be fully accessible to disabled guests, we do not offer a discounted disabled rate for guests or their carers.

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Wheelchair/mobility scooter users are permitted entry to the Park free of charge.

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