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Top 5 Attractions Not to Be Missed

Wednesday 13th August 2014 - Attractions

Here is a super little guide from Joanne - local mummy and award winning author of the Charlie Moo’s Blog, on the top 5 attractions not to be missed at Paultons Park.

“Paulton's Park isn't just a place for thrill seekers and Peppa Pig fans there is so much more to see and do! Here are my top 5 non ride or peppa related attractions you really must see during your visit.

Water Kingdom at Paultons Park

1. Water Kingdom – Who doesn't like the opportunity to get wet especially after all this glorious sunshine!! A visit to the Water Kingdom is the perfect chance to cool down between rides and includes a lovely seated dry area for us mummies to catch our breath! The Water Kingdom boasts 850ft of pure water pleasure, jets, tipping buckets, fountains and super soaker’s. A change of clothing, towel, hat and swimming cossie is a necessity! If your little one finds this area a little too daunting Peppa Pig World has it's own smaller splash park aptly named Muddy Puddles in the fenced off area of Mr Potato's Playground.

Land of the Dinosaurs at Paultons Park

2. Land of Dinosaurs – If your dinosaur obsessed little ones aren’t satisfied with just George's Dinosaur Ride make sure you take them down to the river where 13 different dinosaurs live. You cant miss it located by the Astroglide (one of those huge slides you go down on potato sacks) which is just under the T-Rex!!! See some of your favourite prehistoric friends come to life and hear them grunting and snorting alongside the Hampshire wildlife.

4D Cinema at Paultons Park

3. 4D Cinema – currently showing Robin Hood the tale of the reckless outlaw who robbed from the rich to give to the poor and his love affair with the beautiful Maid Marion. Located on Show Street the 4D cinema from the outside looks like a vintage 1930's cinema but inside it's anything but. The state of the art cinema with 150 seats puts you right in the middle of the action – we saw Skull Rock last year with rocking chairs, cool breezes and splashes of freezing water you feel like part of the story. All children must be seated in their own chairs wearing the fetching 3D glasses – Olive was fine even being only a teeny tiny two mesmerised but it's worth thinking about if you have a fidgety bottom or easily scared little one.

Gardens at Paultons Park

4. Gardens – being as Daddy Moo is in the words of Daddy Pig “a bit of an expert” when it comes to gardening no day out is complete without a photo of a tree or ten! Paulton's Park never disappoints in this department with not 1 but 14 beautiful gardens. I love the brand new Victorian Garden surrounding the magnificent Victorian Carousel. The topiary horse and cart is stunning and you can almost hear Dick Van Dyke singing “Chim Chim Cheree” from the chimney sweep. The snakes and ladders garden is also really lovely and cleverly done or check out the tranquil horse shoe shaped lake, perfect for 5 minutes peace and quiet.

Flamingos at Paultons Park

5. Birds – You might not know this but Paulton's Park is home to large variety of birds including Penguins who you can see being fed (check out the events timetable). From vultures to owls, to pelicans and flamingos there are plenty of species for your budding ornithologists to get their claws into. And if birds aren't your thing there are also meerkats and giant tortoises who despite being enormous aren't actually fully grown yet!

What hidden gems to you enjoy visiting at Paulton's Park?” 

Our thanks to Joanne for this super guide on the top 5 attractions not to be missed at Paultons Park. For more family life guides, reviews and top tips visit:

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