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Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park

Welcome to our Dinosaur Adventure Park

A Jurassic world theme park where Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes greet your every turn, all located within an unbelievable prehistoric landscape where you will see, hear, and feel that you have been catapulted back to a long forgotten era.

Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park is home to a whole host of attractions including two world class rollercoasters, lifelike animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with our 'living' walking animatronic Dinosaurs - a treat for all dinosaur lovers! 



A firm Lost Kingdom favourite! This herbivore known for its large skull with three horns on its forehead is the inspiration for our Dino Chase ride, and you might just spot a few more as you make your way around the park.


This gentle giant is part of the sauropod family, known for their long necks and tails. Standing at over 12 metres tall, they may seem scary, but don’t worry - these chaps are more interested in munching plants than munching YOU!


These flying reptiles terrorised the skies millions of years ago and have landed here in the Lost Kingdom dinosaur adventure park! But now, YOU can actually take to the skies with these beasts on the Flight of the Pterosaur suspended rollercoaster!


Small they may be, but if you’ve seen the Jurassic Park film franchise, you’ll know these carnivorous dinosaurs with their sickle-shaped claws would most definitely NOT have made a suitable family pet! Feel the speed of these ‘running lizards’ on our Velociraptor rollercoaster - if you dare!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The star of the show! No visit to the Lost Kingdom theme park would be complete without an encounter with this fearsome legend. Come and meet a T-Rex for real (sort of!) at the ALIVE! Dinosaur Encounter. Visit the dinosaur enclosure to check the daily show times for this exciting and nerve-wracking encounter.

  • Head to the Book Tickets page for details on how to book.
  • Ticket is valid for a single day's entry on the date selected.
  • Family tickets can be for any combination of adults and children over 1 metre in height.
  • Children under 1m tall go FREE.
  • Free parking!

Our Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor rides have a height restriction of 1 metre. There are no height restrictions on any of the other rides.

The UK’s premier Dinosaur park is easy to reach by car - we’re located just off exit 2 of the M27, close to the edge of the New Forest National Park. Follow the brown tourist signs on the motorway. For further directions and details on how to reach us by other forms of transport, head to the Directions page.

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