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Essential Companion

Essential Companion Tickets

We understand that some guests will not be able to access Paultons Park without the assistance of an Essential Companion.

We are pleased to be able to offer an Essential Companion ticket for those guests who require additional assistance to enjoy all that Paultons Park has to offer. The Essential Companion ticket will grant access to Paultons for both the guest requiring support and the Essential Companion.

Do you have an Access Card with the +1 or +2 symbol applied? 

If yes, book your Essential Companion Ticket below which will admit the Access Card Holder and a carer to the Park.   

If no, please register your access requirements. Please allow up to 10 days processing time. You can also apply for access to our Queue Assist Scheme under the same application. 

Are you visiting within the next 10 days and do not hold an Access Card? 

If yes, please proceed to book and pay for everyone’s entry tickets (excluding children under 1 metre in height) and proceed to visit. Once your Access ID has been received, please email this to within a month of your visit with your booking details who will arrange for a retrospective refund of the carer’s entry.  

If no, please register your access requirements here and await your Access ID to book an Essential Companion Ticket.  Please allow up to 10 days’ processing time. 

Are you booking a Paultons Break? 

If yes, please proceed to book for all guests in your party.  Once your Access ID has been received, please email this to within a month of your visit with your booking details who will arrange for a retrospective refund of the carer’s entry. 

If no, please proceed to book your Essential Companion Ticket here with your Access ID for your day visit.   

Are you booking 2-day tickets? 

If yes, please book an Essential Companion Ticket for one day and then report to Guest Information at some point during your visit to upgrade this to a two-day visit. 

Do you also need assistance with queueing? 

If yes, you can register your access requirements for queueing on the same application and use the same Access ID to book our Queue Assist Scheme if eligible. 

An Essential Companion ticket allows an additional person to enter the Park with a paying guest to assist with their visit free of charge.

If eligible, two additional people can accompany the paying guest with the appropriate Access Card +2 symbol.

An Essential Companion ticket is available for people where support is needed that is significant and substantial and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of family/friends already accompanying the guest. The support must be due to disability-related needs. Our Essential Companion Scheme is not available to complimentary ticket holders or when zero value entry is applicable for the Access Card holder. Our Essential Companion Scheme is only available for advanced online day ticket purchases and is not valid on other ticket types including group or zero value tickets.

Paultons Park partners with Nimbus Disability, operators of the Access Card scheme, to assess and manage applications for our Essential Companion tickets. Nimbus Disability is one of the country’s leading providers of disability-related advice and support to professional organisations and is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK. They are an award-winning organisation run by disabled people who specialise in the legislation behind The Equality Act and other legislation like Welfare Benefits.

Please use the application form using the button below to register for an Essential Companion ticket, our partners at Nimbus Disability will review your application. Once you have received your card details, if the +1 or +2 symbol is assigned, you can then use your registration/card number on our website to purchase an Essential Companion ticket.

Applications can take 4-5 days to be processed.

You will have the choice to register your needs exclusively to Paultons Park at no cost, or to upgrade to an Access Card for £15 for 3 years and have your card recognised at over 2,000 venues throughout the UK and beyond.

Already have an Access Card with the +1 or +2 symbol? Purchase your Essential Companion Ticket below.

Please enter your Access Card details below. Please note that only valid Access Cards with either a +1 or a +2 symbol shown on them will be valid for an Essential Companion ticket.

An Essential Companion ticket allows entry for one Individual and one or two free of charge Essential Companion(s). Both people must enter Paultons Park together, and the named person on the Access Card must be present, your ID may be checked at the turnstiles by our Guest Welcome team.

Essential Companion Tickets cannot be purchased from the Admissions Kiosk on arrival. Our Essential Companion Tickets must be purchased through the website which links with Nimbus Disability's portal, ensuring the necessary ID checks take place.

Essential Companion tickets do not allow access to the queue assist scheme. Our Essential Companion Scheme is not available to complimentary ticket holders or when zero value entry is applicable for the Access Card holder.

The Role of an Essential Companion

By accepting the Essential Companion ticket your Companion accepts responsibility for providing you with the support you need to attend the park. This includes being able to provide you with additional assistance during the course of an emergency evacuation. Paultons Park staff are unable to provide assistance in excess of their typical role and general reasonable adjustments so it’s important that, if you need help moving around, your Companion is ready, willing and able to support you with this.

Young Carers

It is the policy of Paultons Park that all children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over at all times. We accept that young carers are a much valued and needed source of support but we are only able to accept them under the free Essential Companion ticket scheme where there is no risk of them being left unattended.

If we feel that either the disabled customer or their Companions are abusing the Essential Companion system we reserve the right to refuse access under the Essential Companion scheme for future visits.