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Want a different vacation? Come to Tornado Springs. New for 2020

Enjoy a visit to the bracing, world famous Tornado Springs in the mid-west and experience a family getaway like no other. Travel a route of adventure to this charming desert resort town and discover how friendly local folk have harnessed the power of the elements!‚Äč

Tornado Springs is themed to an American Midwest desert resort town in the 1950s, and will feature more than eight new attractions and rides. Open for tourist visits for the very first time on 19th May 2020.


Located in the mid-west, Tornado Springs has remained a hidden jewel since settlement was established in the early 1800’s by adventurers in search of their fortune. Tornado Springs is located on the famous Route 83 allowing the town to thrive by offering fuel, accommodation and home grown food to weary travellers passing through.

After several large and destructive storms struck the town it will once again be fully open for tourist visits from May 2020 offering visitors a memorable vacation that is sure to leave you in a spin! 

Tornado Springs

Rides and Attractions

Storm Chaser spinning roller coaster ride. Join the storm chasers and revel in their quest to capture the perfect storm.

Buffalo Falls water raft ride . Tame the wild river and take an exhilarating ride down the breath-taking Falls.

Cyclonator gyro swing spinning pendulum ride. Experience the awesome power as it harvests the crops!

Al's Auto Academy Driving School. Visit the legendary Al's garage and test some of the latest drives .

Windmill Towers drop rides. See power generation out in the crooked countryside.

Trekking Tractors ride. See traditional and not so traditional farming out in the crooked countryside!

Rio Grande Train ride. All across the Springs.

Jesse's Route 83 Diner. Enjoy a taste of way out west.

Al's Shop and Service.