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Guests with Access Requirements

We welcome visits from guests with disabilities and will do everything possible to ensure they have a safe and pleasurable visit and are able to participate in as many activities as possible. A summary of the facilities we offer are as follows:

  • Wheelchair or mobility scooter dependent guests are admitted free of charge and are not required to pre-book a ticket. 
  • A vast majority of the rides and attractions at Paultons, including Peppa Pig World, are designed to be fully accessible to disabled guests. We are pleased to offer Essential Companion tickets to those who require additional assistance during their day, you can apply for these using the section below.
  • Nearly all paths are flat and tarmac surfaced.
  • Special car parking area in main car park
  • All restaurants and shops are wheelchair accessible.
  • Ample toilet facilities for guests with disabilities.
  • Manual wheelchairs are available to hire from our first aid centre free of charge. Limited availability during busy times so please pre-book before your visit by calling 023 8081 4442. Please be aware hiring a wheelchair inside the park does not permit free entry.
  • We have a Queue Assist Policy available for guests with disabilities who are unable to stand in queues. Guests must apply 7 days in advance of their visit to allow our Park Nursing Team to confirm eligibility for the Queue Assist Scheme. Applications can be made using the online form.
  • The Victorian Carousel and Rio Grande Train each have a special carriage accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Little Africa, Beastie Burrow and Parking Lot Tots playground are all fully accessible to wheelchair users. 
  • Admittance allowed for fully trained assistance dogs.
  • Changing facilities available.

Paultons Park is a member of the British Association of Leisure Parks Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) and welcomes visits by people with disabilities and will do everything possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit. However, certain rides and attractions can be physically demanding and vigorous. Paultons Park therefore reserves the right to refuse admission to certain rides should it be felt there is a danger to a particular individual for whatever reason.

Paultons Park has been advised by the Health and Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. Paultons Park hopes this is understood and that guests can accept the decision made is in the interest of the safety of all.

There is a Queue Assist Scheme (application required, see the Queue Assist Section below for details) available that is offered as a concession to those who have difficulties with queuing.  This is an additional free of charge service for eligible guests. This Guide will assist our Guests with disabilities to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day out. All of our rides have information boards detailing rules, restrictions and advisory information. Hopefully these boards along with this guide will enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision as to which rides you are able to use. It is the guest's responsibility to observe and obey any and all instructions on the boards and within this guide before entering the ride.

Please be aware that persons with broken or fractured limbs are advised not to ride Farmyard Flyer, Storm Chaser, Al's Auto Academy, Windmill Towers, Cat-O-Pillar, Flight of the Pterosaur, Velociraptor, Dino Chase, Temple Heights, Windy Castle, Peppa's Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Ride, George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Cobra, Teacups, Dragon Roundabout, Pirate Ship and Kontiki.

Persons with broken or fractured limbs cannot ride Cyclonator, Buffalo Falls, Go Karts, Magma, EDGE, Sky Swinger and Raging River Ride.

Persons with prosthetic limbs cannot ride Magma or the Raging River Ride.

Please be aware that to drive a Go Kart or a car in Al’s Auto Academy the nurse will assess each individual Queue Assist user that meets the initial driver restrictions and their decision on the individual’s ability to drive and safely control a Kart is final.

Not all rides are suitable for all guests and each has strict operating requirements based on the containment of the ride, the force of the ride and the evacuation procedure. These are set in accordance with external Ride Inspectors' requirements and exceptions will not be made. Our staff have to follow all rules and restrictions for health and safety reasons therefore please do not ask staff to break these rules; they are there for YOUR safety and for the safety of OTHERS. Your safety whilst at Paultons is our prime concern.

Admission Rates

Paultons Park does not wish to discriminate against guests with disabilities and therefore the appropriate admission rate will be charged. We are pleased to offer Essential Companion tickets to those who require additional assistance during their day, you can apply for these using the section below. All tickets must be pre-booked and please note that an Essential Companion ticket permits entry for both the disabled guest and their Essential Companion.

Children under 1 metre in height are admitted free. Shoes must be worn.

Whilst a large number of the rides are accessible to wheelchair users there are a limited number where this is not feasible. In recognition of this wheelchair dependent guests are admitted free of charge*
*Please note: Only available to guests arriving with their own wheelchair or mobility scooter.


We have a large disabled parking area which is located close to the Park's main entrance and Guest Welcome area. This dedicated parking area can be easily found by following the clear signs from the main drive. Each individual bay is clearly marked. All parking is free.

First Aid Centre

Paultons has a dedicated First Aid Centre which is always staffed by a trained First Aid Nurse when the Park is open to guests and is located at the start of Show Street just inside the main entrance. On busier days our nurse is supported by trained First Aid Assistants. To complement this resource a number of our staff working in various location(s) around the Park are also trained to assist a guest if required prior to the arrival of our Nursing Team to any particular incident.

At the First Aid Centre we also administer our Queue Assist Scheme (application required, see the Queue Assist Section below for details) and coordinate our Lost Children Procedure.

Ear defenders are available to hire for guests with disabilities from the First Aid Centre free of charge with a £10 returnable deposit. Please note there is a limited stock of these and they are issued on a first come first served basis.

Toilets & Changing Facilities

The Park has ample toilet facilities all of which include facilities for our guests with disabilities. The location of the toilet facilities is shown on the Park Map and Guide a copy of which is available on your arrival at either the turnstiles or admissions kiosk. In addition, there are ample directional signposts around the Park as well as large boards for guests to view. A downloadable version of the Park Map can be found on our map page and our Park App which can be downloaded from the app store.

An Accessible Changing facility is available just inside the main entrance adjacent to the main toilet facility. An automatic height-adjusting changing table, mobile hoist (sling to be provided by guests) and other suitable facilities are available for use by guests. Access to this facility is by a coded access door, the code for which is available from the First Aid Centre.

Baby Care Centres specifically designed for nursing parents, are located just inside the main entrance, Lost Kingdom, Peppa Pig World, Tornado Springs and adjacent to the Pirate Ship.

Baby Changing Facilities are available in all male and all female toilet facilities located around the Park. 

Wheelchair Users

The vast majority of the Park is laid with smooth level tarmac paths to aid accessibility around the Park for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. The only exception is the Lakeside Walk which is laid to compacted gravel.

In order to be supported in the event of an evacuation or potentially stressful situation, we ask that wheelchair users are accompanied by at least one helper over the age of 14 when using the rides.  If the wheelchair user does not meet the restrictions to ride unaccompanied, they should be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over.  The maximum number of people permitted to ride with a wheelchair user will vary from ride to ride dependent on the ride's compatibility and carriage capacity.  Please note that the accompanying person aged 14/16yrs will need to be seated next to the wheelchair user in order to provide support in the event of a ride evacuation.

A limited number of wheelchairs (self-propelled) are available on a free of charge hire basis and are collected and returned to our First Aid Centre. Due to the limited supply, we suggest these are pre-booked for the day of your visit either by calling the Park on 023 8081 4442 or emailing

PLEASE NOTE that our wheelchair admission rate concession does not apply to "hire" wheelchairs as these cannot be taken out of the Park under any circumstances. Guests wishing to hire a wheelchair must have sufficient mobility to walk from their vehicle to the First Aid Centre where their wheelchair will be available for collection

Catering and Shopping Facilities

All Catering and Shopping facilities are accessible to guests in wheelchairs. If you require additional assistance please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from a member of our staff as they will be delighted to assist.

Guests with allergies to certain foods or with special dietary requirements should ask to speak to a member of the Food and Beverage Management Team for advice and alternative menu options which we would be pleased to make available on request.

Any queries prior to your visit should be emailed to (please allow at least 5 days for a reply).

Rest Areas

There are ample seating areas located all around the Park. These take the form of benches and patio areas (a good proportion of which are under giant umbrellas that provide shade or shelter from the rain when required). There are also large undercover seating areas next to the Station Restaurant. outside Wild Forest, adjacent to Base Camp and adjoining the Route 83 Diner. Quieter areas such as our Japanese Garden, Jungle Falls and River Walk are also available. 

The vast majority of the Park is very easy to access for wheelchair users and there are special arrangements made at rides and attractions to allow access.

In order to be supported in the event of an evacuation or potentially stressful situation, we ask that wheelchair users are accompanied by at least one helper over the age of 14 when using the rides.  If the wheelchair user does not meet the restrictions to ride unaccompanied, they should be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over.  The maximum number of people permitted to ride with a wheelchair user will vary from ride to ride dependent on the ride's compatibility and carriage capacity.  Please note that the accompanying person aged 14/16yrs will need to be seated next to the wheelchair user in order to provide support in the event of a ride evacuation.

Wheelchair users can stay in their chairs at the following rides and attractions:

·         Peppa Pig's House - Please contact the operator in Pedro Pony's Ride Photo kiosk to gain access

·         Victorian Carousel

          Rio Grande Train Ride 

·         Show Street 4-D Cinema

·         Gardens & Aviaries

·         Penguin Pool

·         Discovery Trail

All the other rides are accessible for wheelchair users via the exit gates. The exceptions are Buffalo Falls, Raging River Ride, Viking Boats, Edge and Dragon Roundabout which all have steps and therefore require a certain level of mobility to gain access which does vary dependent on the ride. Please refer to the individual Information Boards at the particular ride prior to contacting the Ride Operator.

Wheelchair users are also able to use the Queue Assist Scheme to further assist their access to the Park's rides and attractions. More information on this can be found below.

Please refer to the specific Ride Information Section for details on the Ride Accessibility page. A guest with a limb in a plaster cast may be permitted to use a ride as long as they are able to adequately restrain themselves in a manner determined by the ride in question. The Ride Operator will be able to offer advice and their decision on whether the guest is able to use the ride is final.

We recognise that certain guests require additional assistance in order to be able to fully enjoy their visit to the Park. In addition to the facilities mentioned, we also offer a special concession to guests who may have difficulties in queuing. This may be due to difficulties in understanding the concept of queuing, having problems with everyday social interaction, having a limited capacity to follow instructions or understanding the emotional feelings of others or becoming agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time. The Queue Assist Scheme is also available to guests who are wheelchair dependent.*

Please remember that the Queue Assist Pass does not allow immediate and unrestricted access to rides, please refer to point 2 for more information. Due to the number of guests qualifying for the scheme, together with our Health and Safety and evacuation procedures, we can only admit one Queue Assist group per ride cycle and subsequently there may be a short wait before boarding the ride.

We have recently updated our policies for the Summer 2022 season, we are now asking all guests with additional queueing or accessibility requirements to submit an application at least 7 days in  advance of their visit. If you are unable to provide the correct documentation, we reserve the right to refuse to issue a Queue Assist Pass. Our Park Nurses’ decision is final.

Guests who qualify for the Queue Assist Scheme MUST abide to the rules of any particular ride as detailed on the individual Ride Information Boards located at each ride and as summarised on the Ride Accessibility page. Exceptions to height, age and Health and Safety restrictions will not be made under any circumstances and we ask for a guest's co-operation on this matter.

Please Note:
Having a registered disability does not automatically qualify guests for the Queue Assist Scheme.
*Wheelchair dependent guests can still use the ride exit gates (see Wheelchair User Access above) with their carers without participating in the Queue Assist Scheme. Number of carers is set out for each ride and attraction detailed on the Ride Accessibility page.

Operation of Queue Assist Scheme

You must apply at least 7 days in advance of your visit.

1) Issuing of a Queue Assist Pass
Guests who feel they require assistance queueing should apply online at least 7 days in advance of their visit. This will allow our Nursing Team time to review applications and organise a Queue Assist Pass. It will also mean you are able to quickly collect your Queue Assist Pass on the day of your visit and start enjoying all Paultons Park has to offer even sooner.

During the application process you will be asked for documentary proof of the disability which can take the form of a GP’s letter, Association Membership details, Council run membership or any other official document that states the nature of the disability. 
Please note that DLA letters, together with blue or orange badges, will not be accepted as these do not state the nature of the disability.

If your application is successful, you will receive an email and a voucher to show to the Nursing Team on the day of your visit.

Apply for the Queue Assist Scheme

You must apply at least 7 days in advance of your visit.

For Annual Pass Holders, or repeat visitors, there is the opportunity to receive a Queue Assist Card. This card will allow you to skip repeating the normal online application process and enable you to visit the First Aid Centre where the nurses will check your card and issue a Queue Assist Pass.
Note: this is available at the Nursing Team’s discretion only.

On successful application the guest with the disability will be issued with a unique wristband that will be attached to the wrist by the nurse. The guest or carer will be issued with a Queue Assist Pass which will be date stamped, logged and initialled by the nurse and is only valid for the one-day visit.

2) Operation of the Queue Assist Scheme at a Ride or Attraction 
The wristband holder may enter the ride as detailed on the Ride Information Boards, albeit in the majority of cases this will be via the Exit Gates where the guest needs to make their presence known to the Ride Operator. The only exceptions are Buffalo Falls, Raging River Ride, Cat-O-Pillar, Dino Chase and Velociraptor where guests should report to the adjacent Ride Photography Kiosk where a Ride Operator's assistance can be requested. 

The wristband holder must be accompanied by at least one helper over the age of 14. If the guest does not meet the restrictions to ride unaccompanied, they should be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over. The maximum number of carers permitted to ride will vary from ride to ride dependent on the ride's compatibility. Details for each ride and attraction are listed on the Ride Accessibility page (please note a maximum of one carer is permitted on George's Dinosaur Adventure, Buffalo Falls and Al's Auto Academy). The wristband holder MUST be present at all times. The Ride Operators are unable to make exceptions to this policy. 

Queue Assist users may have to wait at a ride exit for a suitable and safe time to board/enter the attraction. Instructions will be given by the Ride Operator. The rides listed on the Queue Assist Pass can only be accessed under the scheme once per day and are subject to time constraints. On arrival at one of the listed rides, the wristband holder or carer should hand the Queue Assist Pass to the Ride Operator who will hole-punch the appropriate part of the pass. The next time that a listed ride can be accessed using the scheme will be written on the pass, based on the queue time for the current ride, and handed back to the wristband holder or carer.

All the Park's other rides can be accessed at any time via the exit gates on presentation of the Queue Assist Pass together with the wristband.

Important Notes

  • The Queue Assist Scheme does not apply to character meet and greets, shows, George's Spaceship Playzone, Peppa Pig's House or any of the Park's Special Events. 
  • The Park staff are always on hand to assist and offer advice but for the safety of all concerned are not able to assist with lifting a guest on or off of a ride.
  • The Ride Operator's decision is final as to whether a guest is able to use a ride. 
  • Wristbands and Queue Assist Passes remain the property of Paultons Park Ltd.

We understand that some guests will not be able to access Paultons Park without the assistance of an Essential Companion. We are pleased to be able to offer an Essential Companion ticket for those guests who require additional assistance to enjoy all that Paultons Park has to offer.  The Essential Companion ticket will grant access to Paultons for both the guest requiring support and the Essential Companion.

Please note that the support needed must be significant and substantial and in excess of what could be reasonably expected of family/friends already accompanying you. The support must be due to disability-related needs.

Paultons Park partners with Nimbus Disability, operators of the Access Card scheme, to assess and manage applications for our Essential Companion tickets. Nimbus Disability is one of the country’s leading providers of disability-related advice and support to professional organisations and is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK. They are an award winning organisation and are run by disabled people who specialise in the legislation behind The Equality Act and other legislation like Welfare Benefits.

Please use the application form below to register for an Essential Companion ticket, our partners at Nimbus Disability will review your application. Once you have received your card details, if you are eligible for a free ticket, you can then use your registration / card number on our website to purchase an Essential Companion ticket.

Register your access requirements or apply for an Access Card

Applications can take 4-5 days to be processed.

You will have the choice to register your needs exclusively to Paultons Park at no cost, or to upgrade to an Access Card for £15 for 3 years and have your card recognised at over 2,000 venues throughout the UK and beyond.

Already have an Access Card with the +1 or +2 symbol? Purchase your Essential Companion Ticket below!

Purchase your Essential Companion Ticket

We recognise that some guests require additional assistance from a service animal in order to visit and therefore Paultons is pleased to allow fully trained Assistance Dogs into the Park.  

Only trained and experienced support animals, capable of reacting appropriately and safely to any situation, are permitted on site here at Paultons Park.  We reserve the right to request proof of training and to refuse access to untrained animals due to the health and safety risk they pose to both guests and staff. Dogs undergoing training will not be allowed inside the Park. Proof of training may be requested.

We have a designated grass fouling area located behind the Pavilion in John and Anne’s Garden.   Please note that Assistance Dogs will not be allowed to accompany guests onto the rides or into the Water Parks for health and safety reasons.  Please ensure the dog is left with another member of your group and not left unattended at any time.  Assistance Dogs must remain at least 3 metres away from animal exhibits.