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Al's Auto Academy Driving School | Paultons Park

Al's Auto Academy

Take the wheel and head out on to Route 83 at the legendary Al's Auto Academy driving school!

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Family ride

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Children under 0.8m in height cannot ride.
Guests over 1.2m must ride alone.
Guests must be between 6 and 12 years to drive alone.
Guests 13 years or over cannot drive alone
Guests who suffer from vertigo, Menieres disease, back or spinal problems, high/low blood pressure, heart conditions and pregnant women are advised not to use this ride. Persons with broken/fractured limbs are advised not to ride.
All guests require fully body control to ride a car and must be able to understand safety instructions and operational controls. An assessment by our First Aid Nurse will be required for drivers using Queue Assist.
Access is via the gate next to the raised walkway, contact the operator before entering.
Min. 1 Carer, Max. 3 Carers, Max of 1 group per ride.