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Splash Lagoon | Lost Kingdom. | Paultons Park

Splash Lagoon

New Mini Flume Ride!

Ride info

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Family ride

900mm minimum height to ride and 6 years unaccompanied.
Max one adult and one child or three children per boat.
Persons who suffer from vertigo, Menieres disease, back, spinal, high blood pressure or heart conditions and pregnant women are advised not to use this ride. Persons with broken / fractured limbs are advised not to ride
Not suitable for guests who have limited mobility or are wheelchair users. You must be able to hold on using upper body control and arms and be able to brace yourself using legs. In the event the ride has to be evacuated from a height you must be able to walk down steep ramps unaided and understand safety instructions.
Max 1 adult / carer and 1 child per boat. Max 1 group per ride.