Tea Cup Ride

Tea Cup Ride

Spin around in a giant tea cup on this thrilling family ride.

A face covering is required whilst in the queue line for this ride.
(with the exception of children under 11 years and anyone with a disability or medical condition that precludes them from wearing a face covering)

Go for a spinning ride in one of the big teacups - see if it makes you giddy!!!

Ride info


Family ride

Anyone under 0.75 metres in height cannot ride.
Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Persons who suffer from back, spinal, high/low blood pressure or heart conditions and pregnant women are advised not to use this ride. Persons with broken / fractured limbs are advised not to ride.
Guests must have upper body control. Wheelchairs can be taken into the ride area.
Accessible entrance is via the Exit gate – contact operator and await instructions.
Min. 1 Carer, Max. 5 Carers, Max of 3 groups per ride.

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