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Baby flamingo makes its first appearance at Paultons Park

Friday 16th October 2015 - Press

With its fluffy white-grey feathers and endearing demeanour, a new baby flamingo is the latest arrival at Paultons Park in Hampshire.

The Chilean flamingo chick, which hatched on September 28, has emerged from its nest and is often seen from beneath its mother’s wing or standing by its nest in the family theme park’s flamingo exhibit, officials said.

Despite weighing less than 95g, the chick could grow to a height of 120cm, eventually reaching more than three kilograms. The young chick will later develop its trademark pink feathers from its diet; as such pigments come from shrimp and flamingo chow.

When flamingos breed, both parents build a nest made from a mound of mud about a foot high where the female lays a single large egg. Both parents take turns sitting on the nest until the chick hatches.

Flamingos live between 20 to 30 years in the wild, but have been recorded as living up to 50 years or longer in captivity.

Currently, Paultons Park has 14 flamingos, including its new chick.

The flamingo chick is currently unnamed and without gender, and the staff from Paultons Park is on a mission to name the beautiful bird – for your chance to name the new chick, share your suggestions with Paultons Park on Facebook or @paultonspark on Twitter.



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