The Water Mill

The Water Mill

The Water Mill is over 150 years old!

The Water Mill was built around 1860 and it is one of the few remaining working Poncelet Breast-Shot wheels in the UK. It was used to drive a rack saw bench in the saw mill where trees from the estate were brought for cutting.

  • The water wheel is 4.5 metres in diameter.
  • There are 56 metal buckets.
  • When the wheel was originally rebuilt it involved replacing over 1000 bolts.
  • The wooden teeth on the cogs are made from Hornbeam trees, which can be seen growing by the side of the mill.
  • There are 4 cogs of different sizes with different numbers of teeth. The second cog has 102 teeth and the smallest cog has 12 teeth.
  • A total of 260 teeth!.

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