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There are many different types of birds and animals located around the Park ranging from exotic birds to Meerkats and Penguins.


Penguins & Penguin Feeding

Humboldt Penguins will fascinate and entertain all the family as they go about their daily business. Spectacular Penguin pool with underwater viewing areas.

Feeding sessions daily, for more information see our events & shows page.

Beastie Burrow

Beastie Burrow

A real life bug emporium with fascinating and unusual insects, fish and lizards. Meet Erick our friendly Chameleon and see if you can spot the bright orange and white clown fish.


Birds of Prey

One of the world's largest owls, the Great Grey can live up to 40 years in captivity. These impressive birds can be seen along with our pair of White-backed Vultures.



The Hornbill collection includes Silver-cheeked, Black-casqued Wattled, Trumpeter, Von der Deckens and Red-billed Hornbills. If you are lucky you may see the male birds feeding their mates when they are walled up in their next boxes.

Tropical Birds

Tropical Birds

Don't miss the enchanting Tawny Frogmouths, plus a magnificent collection of fruit-eating species such as the Turacos, Starlings, Laughing Thrush and Mynahs.


Flamingos & Pelicans

All these birds are found near water in the wild but each feeds in a completely different way. The Flamingo's upside down beak filters water to extract small animals and plant life whilst the Pelican's large beak scoops up fish.


Giant Tortoises

Born and bred in the Seychelles, our Aldabra Tortoises arrived at the Park in 1995. When full grown they will weight a hefty 250kg. They share their home here at Paultons with Von der Decken Hornbills, Purple Glossy Starlings and Pagoda Mynahs.

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Park Closed
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