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4D Cinema

4D Cinema

An amazing, state of the art, 150 seat 4D effects theatre. 

CURRENT FILM:  Sammy and Ray

Sammy and Ray’ tells the tale of a newly hatched Green Turtle named Sammy and his best, Leatherback, buddy Ray as they cruise the oceans on a makeshift raft having the time of their lives. After years of fun, their temporary home breaks apart and they find themselves exposed to all kinds of danger on the open seas. Years go by and just when Sammy has given up all hope of ever seeing Ray again, they are reunited in a dramatic rescue. Make sure you hold on tight as your seats rumble and watch out for the water sprays and gusts of wind as you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

No food or drink is allowed in the cinema.

Can I ride? 

  • Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 or over.

For more accessibility information please take a look at our Guests with Disabilities page, or to see more rides click here

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