Wave Runner

Wave Runner

A fast and exciting water ride for all the family.

A big exciting water ride for all the family. Riders descend down a steep undulating trough in rubber dinghies on fast flowing water! An exhilarating experience!

This ride will be closed during November and December for winter maintenance.

Ride info


Family ride

Ride photography available

Anyone under 90cm in height cannot ride.
Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Maximum of 2 people per dinghy (only 1 adult per dinghy).
The weight of 150 kg per dinghy must not be exceeded.
This ride contains flash photography.
Persons who suffer from back, spinal or heart conditions and pregnant women are advised not to use this ride. Persons with broken / fractured limbs cannot ride.
Guests must have upper body control and be able to hold onto the grab bars on the dinghy with both hands. There is no wheelchair access to this ride. Guests must be able to climb approx 90 steps to the launch platform and be accompanied by a carer to assist them to board and alight.
Contact with the operator can be made via the ride photography kiosk or Trekking Tractors. We advise guests wishing to access this ride to do so before 12.30pm as the steps are used as part of the queue line.
Max. 1 Carer (1 adult per dinghy), Max of 2 groups per ride.

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