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Theme Park Creator

Theme Park Creator

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We need a new ride for Paultons Park… and we need your help! Our cross-curricular session ‘Theme Park Creator’ is perfect for schools running topics around theme parks and includes a range of ideas and activities back at class.

Your 45 minute session looks at how we choose new rides, the research process and most importantly the target audience. Children are then guided to plan a ride based on research information given. With strong Literacy links, children are then challenged to consider theming and a short marketing ‘blurb’ to help sell the ride to the general public.

This session fits perfectly with a longer Theme Park unit of work and we offer a Dropbox of resources to support the topic back in class. 

Workshop info

Workshop notes
Location Classroom based
Duration 45 minutes.
Suitable for KS2
Worksheet Not Included

Accessible to all.