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An Amazing Discovery...

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

A week has gone by so quickly. I have decided to call my new friends the CURIOUS CRITTERS. Another amazing thing is that I think the Curious Critters actually understand what I am saying and are beginning to be able to talk back to me! One of the larger creatures is the Cat-o-Pillar. He happily takes me for rides upon his back all around the island, purring happily as we go.

Today we explored the north side of the island and have discovered something quite incredible! The curious critters had told me about an ancient contraption that lay abandoned in this area. After a few hours of making our way through the dense vegetation I saw something glisten as it caught the afternoon sunshine. As I approached the object I tripped over what appeared to be some sort of metal rail? Still on my hands and knees I quickly began to brush the forest floor with my hands to reveal what appeared to be an old railway track!!

How on earth could such a thing exist on this supposedly undiscovered island? Getting to my feet I made my way to the glistening object and cleared away the branches and leaves to reveal……… the most beautiful miniature steam locomotive, complete with carriages!! The Critters said they had no idea where the train could have come from or indeed what it was!  I explained that it was a fun way of travelling around and showed them a video of the Rio Grande Train back at Paultons Park. The Critters giggled and wriggled excitedly and begged me to bring this amazing discovery back to life so they could ride around the island! I've drawn an illustration below to show you what could be...

We uncovered more and more track of the next few weeks and found that the route formed was in fact a scenic tour around the north of the island. The Engine was oiled, coaled and watered and the carriages cleaned and polished until they shone like new. It was finally time for us to ride on my ‘Expedition Express’.

“All aboard!” I shouted as Horice the Horse-fly whistled and we gently steamed away from Jungle Halt. We had a fabulous time with the little engine puffing through floral valleys, up mountain passes and along the picturesque north coast of the island. “Again, again!” cried the Critters as we arrived back at our station. “Okay, okay,  why not” I said and gleefully tooted the loco’s whistle as we set off on another trip.

A daily trip on the Expedition Express has quickly become part of our routine and I am already thinking that when I return to Paultons I need to find a way of bringing this little train home with me. The boys and girls who visit the Park would surely enjoy riding the train as much as the Curious Critters do.

Professor Blast

#CritterCreek 2015

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Professor Blast

Name: Professor Stanley H Blast

Occupation: Full-time Scientist and inventor

Likes: Rollercoasters, bird watching, zoology and travel

Dislikes: Air resistance - it's a real drag

About: Growing up, Professor Blast has always enjoyed science and the outdoors. A keen backpacker, he spends most of his summers' abroad, exploring far off lands. A self-confessed theme park enthusiast, Professor Blast now works at Paultons Park, researching and inventing in his Learning Lab. His recent discovery of the Horned tree-mouse (which can be seen in the Lab) gained him wide-spread acclaim.

Name: Peter Petri

Occupation: Research assistant to Professor Blast

Likes: Horticulture, Quad biking and knitting

Dislikes: Gravity - it really gets him down

About: Peter Petri has always enjoyed the countryside and is a very keen gardener. Peter has worked alongside Professor Blast for a number of years, and has become an expert in the use of fire extinguishers (mainly thanks to the Professor's mistakes). During the summer, he looks after the Learning Lab whilst the Professor is on his fieldtrips.